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The law is there to help everyone, but the law can be tricky. More specifically dealing with law processes of the law can be too complicated and tricky for just anyone. But the right to defend is a right that everyone has, and everyone should utilize. This is where lawyers come into action.

Lawyers can help you get out of any sticky spot because they are trained and well-versed in all matters regarding the law. They are there to help and serve the people who are innocently charged or are charged due to a mistake or any other case.

Therefore, if you are stuck in some legal matters and find yourself in need of some lawyers to help, from drunk driving lawyers to traffic offense lawyers, Canaan Lawyers have got your back!


Law enforcement helpers must speak your language so that they can tell you and keep you up to date with the procedures for a smoother process. And most lawyers from drunk driving lawyers to traffic offense lawyers only know about one language which is English. That leaves a lot of people that speak different languages which is not fair to them.

At Canaan Lawyers, they have a diverse team of lawyers like traffic offense lawyers. And diverse in terms of race, background, and ability t speak different languages. At Canaan Lawyersthey have lawyers that speak different languages including languages like Chinese. And with that, their team of lawyers is determined and dedicated to helping provide the best possible legal service to their clients no matter the level of legal assistance required.

At Canaan Lawyerswith their drunk driving lawyers and traffic offense lawyers being able to speak Chinese, as well, they can cater to a larger and more diverse group of clients. They are determined to provide legal help to as many people as possible.

Amongst the wide categories of law that exist,  Canaan Lawyersspecialize in the following:

  • Criminal law
  • Matters of setting Will and Probation
  • Family law
  • Commercial law
  • Laws regarding and exploitation of employment
  • Commercial litigation

These few areas of law are the key strengths of Canaan Lawyers.


Criminal law is a tricky business. They can put you in a stressful and complicated situation if not handled well. at Canaan Lawyers, their criminal lawyers are some of the best traffic offence lawyers in melbourne and drunk driving lawyers that one can find around.

In terms of drunk driving lawyers and traffic offense lawyers, multiple offenses are considered trivial when they can lead to severe consequences. Offenses like speeding, driving without displaying plates like the “L” plate or the “P” plate.

So, the criminal lawyers at Canaan Lawyers, including drunk driving lawyers and traffic offense lawyers help clients with their appearance in court, by constructing strong arguments to defend, to negotiate with the authorities for a suitable outcome, and most importantly the lawyers help with giving legal advice.

 Having a criminal offense on your track record can affect your future with getting a good job, being in a reputable institute, etc. so no matter how small you think your offense is, do not hesitate to contact your best-drunk driving lawyers, traffic offense lawyers, or others at Canaan Lawyers.


There are many qualities in the team of lawyers at Canaan, that fulfill the requirements of a good lawyer. Some of these qualities include:

  1. Their lawyers have a clean record that can be proved
  2. Their consultation process is entirely client-focused
  3. They have an excellent record of providing the best customer service
  4. Their fee plan is fixed- meaning you will be charged with any miscellaneous costs at the end of the road.

 All in all, from drunk driving lawyers to traffic lawyers, the team at Canaan Lawyers is a well-versed and close-knit team. With their promise of diversity, they have Chinese-speaking lawyers as well with extensive knowledge about the laws and things within the Asia Pacific Region. The Chinese-speaking lawyers can even converse in Mandarin and Cantonese. With such a strong background, Canaan Lawyers are helping some big and renowned companies from the Asian region like Miniso, TVB Australia, etc.

Legal Services

Complexity Of Navigating Legal Matters

Legal matters can be extremely hard to navigate specially for people who are untrained in the constitution of a particular place. This is because of several reasons; legal matters and the constitution usually uses specialised terms and vocabulary which is extremely hard to understand for someone who is not trained in the legal field. This means that normal people who do not have the necessary knowledge about the law of will find it extremely hard to understand the constitution and the laws that are contained within it. Another reason for this is that, the constitution also assumes many things which may not be immediately apparent to the untrained eye. This means that if a person is untrained in the legal field and tries to understand the constitution and the laws that are within it, it is extremely likely that they will understand something that is in correct or they will fail to understand the contents of the constitution in its entirety.

The Need for Professional Help in Legal Matters

For this very reason, it is essential that people who are dealing with legal matters seek professional help and, this professional help will be someone who is trained in the legal field and has the requisite knowledge required to easily understand the laws that are contained within the constitution of a particular place. This means that they will have an easy time understanding the laws that are prevalent in a particular region and, will therefore be in a better position to make informed decisions about the legal matter.

It is also essential to make sure that the legal representation that is being provided for a person is skilled and experienced in that particular area of law. Whether it be criminal law public law it is extremely essential to make sure that the legal representation for a particular client is strong so that the outcome of court case will be in their favour. At Powerhouse Law, we recognise the importance of good quality legal representation when it comes to any Court cases and for this reason, we provide criminal defence lawyers in Sydney. We have one of the best legal representatives that one can get in the New South Wales region and provide free consultation services to give our clients good quality advice free of charge. This means that our clients will be in a better position when it comes to handling their criminal law case.

All of our attorneys are extremely experienced and have the necessary knowledge when it comes to the constitution and laws that are prevalent in a particular place, to make sure that our clients get a good legal representation in a court and, they will be extremely likely to get a decision from the court which is in their favour.

So, whether you are dealing with matters such as drinking under the influence or breaking any traffic laws or you are dealing with legal matters that are much more serious such as drug possession charges, Powerhouse law should be your first and final choice when it comes to good legal representation in a court of law. With our experienced attorneys and our large experience in their legal industry, you can rest assured that you will get a decision from the court which is in your best interest.

Legal Services

Relationship Ends With Separation Or Divorce

elationship is something which carries a lot of responsibility on each partner, no matter couple is rich or poor no matter at what age of life they are living, each one has to carry some weightage of responsibility. Relationship is like an air bubble one has to be very careful in terms of everything, relationship is a blessing which Lord gives to his loved one only (they must feel blessed). Now comes the sad part when both are no more in love and are less interested in each other, previously things which were loved by each other have now become center of hatred. They both know that they loved each other once and now they are no more in attraction or love with each other; sad isn’t it? Go here for more information  about family law. 

Fortunately or unfortunately law has its facilities in relationship scenario too, there are certain things which families handle after seeking legal help. Specifically related to relationships there are two main scenarios which are defined below:

Separation: separation like the term suggests two people are in a relationship but no more living together, so in order to understand this term one needs to understand the difference between a relationship and separation, separation is nothing legal. It’s like a mutual understanding when two people decide that they won’t stay together for example: the difference are so severe that they are unable to tolerate anything of each other, pity issues have now become big problems and they both need to see something else in life. Separation is something unofficial, under this scenario there are no legal terms and bonding involved they can handle things personally and with mutual understanding. If we talk legally; if a couple is separated they are still husband and wife (because they are separated not divorced). Kids can stay whomever they want to live with (if the kids are major), similarly kids usually stay with the mother (in case they are minor, because the mother can take good care of the children).

Divorce: the second scenario is divorce, where people seek legal help and they ask law to decide that they should stay away from each other and there should be now, no legal obligation by any means. Divorce eliminates all the responsibilities of each party, which clearly means that a husband is no more required to perform any of his husband responsibility and same goes with the wife (she is not liable to do perform any such responsibility). Moreover the financial support depends on the basis of situation, terms and conditions. Family lawyers Mordialloc provide proper support like legally and resolve the issue no matter related to separation or divorce. But fellas! Both cases are unfortunate for both parties… no matter what!

Legal Services

Tips On How To Find The Correct Lawyer For The Correct Case

There are a mass number of lawyers in the field, and these lawyers are mastered in different fields. Even if you have hundred lawyers around you and if you haven’t hired the suitable lawyer for your specific case you are at a disadvantage. Therefore, it is important to know the types of lawyers and match the lawyer with the case. There are various types of lawyers such as public interest lawyers, government lawyers, private sector lawyers, immigration lawyers and many more.

For personal/ family issues

The best thing to do if you have personal issues, is to consult family law solicitors. These lawyers are one of the most common type of lawyers. Family law is basically divided into sectors which are, divorce and ancillary relief, children work and orders for domestic violence. From the above sections mostly provided service is ancillary relief. This is the process which discusses on who gets what from the money put into a marriage together. Click here for more info on family law solicitors Canberra,

And if you are growing old and you need to leave your properly to particular people after you pass away, you need to write a valid will. This will have to be prepared by and experienced lawyer. Therefore, the best you can do is to consult a wills lawyer Canberra. If you are thinking about the costs, mostly these lawyers often charges a flat rate for creating or revising a will because most of the wills usually take about the same amount of time.

For your business

If you have a business, you might have to consult a lawyer for various reasons. So if it is a large scale company it is better to hire an in-house corporate lawyer. They are able to help you with issues related to your own corporation, corporation governance and corporation compliance issues. However, if you have a problem with an individual who affects your organization you need to consult and employment lawyer. That way it will be fair for both parties.

Why a lawyer?

The main important reason why you should hire a lawyer is because they have more experience. As a non – attorney you might be at disadvantage in certain times during legal issues. Since, attorneys are specially trained to negotiate settlements and request bargains you don’t have face this issue. Again it is better to hire someone to correctly file your paperwork. If that is messed up every effort is in vain. Attorneys furthermore, avoid pitfalls and helps you to recover from any physical, financial even emotional pain through legal support.

Legal Services

Choosing The Right Lawyer For Your Legal Situation

A lot of people think that not committing a legally wrong act is easy, but the truth is, if you are put in to a situation you cannot avoid, you too would have to neglect the law and act as you want. Most of us know that getting in severe legal trouble is not something common but there are problems that can occur in our everyday life that would make us face the law in ways that we do not expect. Some of the most common reasons to face the law in our everyday life is due to divorce cases, child custody cases, drinking and driving cases etc. but another type of very common problem that occurs is legal problems with compensation fees! We never know when we might be put in harm in the way because of other individuals act and if this happen, here is how you can choose the best lawyer to represent you.

Do you know who to hire?

The world is filled with a hundred different types of professional lawyers and attorneys that are willing to represent us for different situations. This is why we must understand the importance of finding and hiring a lawyer that best fits our legal problems. For a lot of road accidents and compensation fee matters, you should hire the best car accident compensation lawyers as they are the ones best fit to handle your case. Finding the right lawyer is going to increase your chance of winning your case!

Do you know the perks of hiring a lawyer?

A lot of people often wonder about the reasons to hire a lawyer because they are not very sure about how they would represent their case. However, you must never concern yourself with such an issue because there are a number of great reasons to hire a lawyer as you want. Hiring motor vehicle accident lawyers for any road accident you might encounter is not only going to increase your chance of winning the case, but it will also make sure that you are represented in the right way in court with no issues arising in any way.

Hire through the best service

There are a lot of different professional services that would allow you to hire the best lawyers for your legal situations and hiring through such a reliable service is what you must always do! By hiring through a service, you are bound to get trained, qualified and expertise professionals. This is why hiring through a trustworthy service is something most people do.  

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