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Purpose Of Pigeon Nesting Under Solar Panels

There are multiple reasons that influences the pigeon nesting under the solar panels. They are many people who are fond of having the pigeon and their nests. Although, pigeons are considered as the most disciplined and peace loving birds for that reason people shows their affection with the pigeons. Pigeons shows a lot of care with their mates and share their feeds and live peacefully with each other we must say they are also the role model for the society. Pigeons also provide the great ambiance to the house roof or balcony. Apart from that birds may affect the solar panels installed in the house or building and cut down or effect the supply of the electricity which causes the severe problem for the house or building owners. We recommend building owners to install the nest of the pigeon nesting under solar panels so, the solar panels will get damaged or effected by the pigeons and they can do their activities under the solar panel. As we all know that the installation of solar panels is quiet expensive and its damage recovery is also expensive so, owner of the solar panel always tries to avoid the expensive repairing. Many building owners have installed the roof spikes to avoid the damages causes by the bird and somehow they get succeeded but it’s not a much effective way to get rid of damages causes by birds. Most of the birds prefer to build the nest under the shade as it provide the convenience to them and PV solar panels provides the proper shade to them and they prefer to build the nest under the solar panels. Many people have done the bird meshing on the solar panels in order to get rid from the birds. To some extent, bird proofing may prevent the solar panels from getting damage.

Ways to prevent the solar panels from the birds: 

With reference to the above paragraph, there is no ambiguity that birds cause the severe damages to the solar panels which turns into expensive repairing. Keeping in view the damages, there are some ways to prevent the solar panels from the birds. The best way to prevent the solar panels from the bird is to install the bird control netting as plastic predators are considered as the best resistant. We must say this is the best pigeon guard as well and pigeon will never even revolve around the solar panels. Moreover, if you keep your garden and roof clean then the birds will never come near to the solar panels. Further, you are requested to please click on the given link to view more details about us.