Counselling Services

Do I Really Need Therapy

Now a days not only adults but students attending school are very stressed because they do not know how to handle a massive work load. Many people don’t realise that they are at a critical stage until it’s too late. Many suicides happen as a result of being bottled up. Even lack of supporte for children can make them feel very alone and cornered. Therapy is an very effective way to deal with similar things. But how does a person really conclude of if they need a therapist? If your a victim of the following feelings and emotions it will be better to visit a therapist. 

If you have a quick temper or rage

Getting angry a bit is not a mental issue as any normal human being will get angry at times. But having a quick anger can be a concern. Getting angry even when your car keys drop on the floor is an issue. Quick temper can be a result of stress or even depression. As it can lead you to do something violent or something you will instantly regret it is better to seek professional assistance such as from a nice psychotherapist.

If your over whelmed all the time

If you constantly press on the in fact that you have too much work to do you might want some help. Even if you feel you have too much issues to deal with in your daily routines or even if you feel you cant breath when thinking about these things and it is destroying your rest, seeking professional help can help you prevent future hindrances as it can lead to many serious health concerns.

If you feel fatigue all the time

Fatigue is a physical symptom. Even though it a physical symptom it is a result of serious mental health issues. Fatigue is a common thing when a person is depressed. Depression can be cause by over thinking and stress. When a person feels fatigue it will cause him to sleep more than usual. It will be a great barrier to get up it he morning. As seeking professional help they will give routines and even sleep therapy Perth if necessary.

If your feeling hopeless all the time

Disappointment can lead to a person to loose hope. But if you don’t recover and feel hopeless all the time there might be a problem. Being hopeless all the time can be a sign of sever depression. When people are hopeless they do not see a future for them. It can lead to issues such as suicidal thoughts. People tend to cut themselves when they are hopeless. To prevent future incidences like that it’s better to seek help.If you have similar feeling and thoughts and you often withdraw yourself from the society feeling condemn don’t loose hope and doubt yourself! There is someone to help you.