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Why Use Of Disposable Toilet Paper Is Beneficial

toilet paper rolls

Besides plastic toilet paper rolls causes pollution.  Toilet paper is one time use paper. In manufacturing of toilet paper many harmful chemicals are used. These chemicals are harmful for environment. Toilet papers cause negative impact on global environment.

Why a disposable toilet paper roll is better?

  • Disposable toilet paper rolls are made up of nontoxic materials. These materials are made from organic materials. Microorganism like bacteria and fungi decompose it in soil and increase fertility of land.
  • Land where toilet paper rolls become fertile. Because it is made up of some useful organic material. Disposable things are most of time consist of nitrogen that is good for fertility of land. Land become more fertile after consuming more nitrogen consist disposable toilet paper rolls. Using disposable toilet paper is good for environment and also increases fertility of land.
  • Disposable toilet papers rolls also reduce water pollution. If we throw these papers in water like river, lakes or sea; it easily dissolve in water and prevent water pollution. Disposable toilet waste that is made from inorganic compounds cause massive water pollution every year.
  • Harmful chemicals in toilet paper rolls are destroying marine life. Every year precious water creation consumes tons of garbage of plastic and toilet paper. In this way marine life is also disturb and losses its natural habitat due to some hostile activities of human.
  • Disposable toilet paper rolls are just use one time. Every year tons of natural resources are used and then dispose off in water. Just one time use toilet paper destroys lots of natural resources. Instead of using harmful toilet paper rolls just use disposable and recycled toilet to save environment and prevent environmental pollution.
  • Disposable toilet papers are made up of organic and recycled compound. These compounds are made up of easily decomposable materials. Bacteria and fungi also help in decomposition of toilet paper rolls and keep environment clean and also help in saving marine life.


Biodegradable cups nz can recycle easily.  It needs not time to recycle. Plastic needs decades and sometime centuries to decompose.  Biodegradable cups nz also recycle easily because it is made up of simple elements and compounds.


  • Plastic also contains toxic chemicals and substances. Bio plastic contains organic and nontoxic substances. Biodegradable cups nz are good for environment and land.
  • Biodegradable cups nz are good for environment. Plastic is harmful for environment as well also for humans. It is producing global warming. Temperature of land also increases due to plastic and its compounds. Bio plastic is best to reduce global warming on land and also make environment clear and human friendly. Biodegradable cups nz are good for environment.
  • Emission of carbon dioxide is also main cause of environmental pollution. Plastic is biggest source of carbon dioxide. Bio plastic reduces emission of carbon dioxide. Bio plastic also reduces consumption of energy. Every year tons of carbon dioxide and harmful energy emit by plastic companies. Bio plastic consumes less energy as compare to plastic. Bio plastic can recycle easily. Plastic takes decades to recycle, but biodegradable cups nz decompose easily and use by soil.
  • Biodegradable cups in NZ are made up of nontoxic substances. It is best and safe to use on daily basis. Bio plastic is best way to use different things. It also reduces the landfill.