Parameters For Export Pallets For Sale And Timber Pallets Construction


For shipping transportation and retailing purposes, special containers are designed that solely function as the load bearing devices for carrying hard and light-weighted stuff over them. To serve in this respect, pallets and racks are usually invested by the manufacturers. The export pallets for sale are the best in use to simplify the trade across long distances, as these are manufactured with the most valuable and durable material, mostly wooden like timber pallets. In addition to the wooden ones, plastic and steel sources of pallets are also in fashion but are used more particularly if hardware is involved in the packing and storage. The biggest advantage of using pallets is that it reduces the overall economic cost of the transportation.

Physical parameters for construction of export pallets for sale

In contrast to the domestically used pallets, the pallets and crates involved in shipping and export are widely different in their strength and durability. These are manufactured as a separate section of pallets in industries like as export pallets for sale. There are some physical parameters that are required to cope up with in the construction of export pallets. These include dimensions, flooring capacity, racking capacity, forklift occupancy, weight of load compatible to the pallet strength and raw material source for preparation export pallets for sale used. As, for export dealings quantity of stuff is more and usually heavy in load, pallets shaped in boxes, cartons and containers are more preferred.

Export pallets for sale are designed more smartly and carefully to address the long distance travel and are comparatively higher in price than the household used plain pallets. Recycled timbers, harvested wooden pallets and combination of recycled and new surfaced pallets are composed to form extra durable pallet to securely transfer products to different areas.

Dimensions for timber pallets

The best shipping containers that are employed for local and international transportation are the timber pallets. The most commonly used standard is of 1100MM x 1100MM dimensional structural box that is formulated from different individual pallets and is most appropriate for multi-purpose uses and international shipping. Other than this one, 1120MM x 1120MM and 1070MM x 1070MM are other timber pallets cartons that are significantly cheaper and easily available for domestic use but light-weighted as compared to the former one.

Timber pallets make up for a very important component in the industrial places and warehouses where it is effectively utilized to arrange, organize, manage and carry heavy loads. Some of the pallets are heat treated to make them more polished and durable while some are not in accordance to the type of use involved and customer’s preference.


Export pallets for sale are specially designed by using the best raw material source to render strength and durability in order to cope with international shipping and transportation. Among the many types of pallets prepared, timber pallets are the mostly used in industrial sites, owing to their effective use and recycling option.

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