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Importance Of Valves In Our Daily Life

As we know, there is nothing in this world that has no importance. We give importance to such things that has been prominent in front of our eyes. For example, if we talk about a kitchen, we only see that tap water is coming in our sinks. We never thought about from where it is coming? How does it is coming? What forces water to push water forward and stops?

We need to think about that also. But, as it is not our kind of concern, we never think about that. There are many such things that has so much importance in making our life easy but we never realise their importance as soon as they get ruined by any means. Among the pool of such things, one thing is valves.

The Importance:

Yes, we never think about valves and you must be thinking, how valves have so much importance in our daily life. Let’s have a look at the following factors.


  • Event Planners:


Let’s talk about event planners. They have to blow and fill the balloons in bulk quantity as they have to cover a huge area for an event. A birthday event is incomplete without balloons. Even if dozens of people sit and blow balloon would be less. So, they have a cylinder of nitrogen which ahs a knob in it. It is called valve as it starts and stops the flow of nitrogen gas. We can fill dozens and hundreds of balloons with just the movement of valves.


  • Hospitals:


When we go to hospital, we see many things that has right check valves attached in it. Let’s take the example of an oxygen cylinder. A cylinder is filled with a gas. The supply needs to be monitored. It also has a knob on it. We need to adjust the valve according to the supply of oxygen


  • Homes:


At homes, we have automatically valves attached in a motor. We do not go to the motor to turn on the valve so that we can get water. But it has an automatic system. We can get water as soon as we turn on the tap. The water comes automatically to the tap and we get water easily. Although, there is a proper mechanism to it but we are not aware of that.


  • Tankers:


If we talk about tankers, the tanker is filled with water. We need something that regulates the pressure of water when we supply water. The valve is one thing that controls the pressure of water and stops when we don’t want more water.

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