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How To Choose A Splashback

A splashback Frankston is a panel that is installed in various places in your kitchen such as behind the sink or stove and even behind the benchtop workstation. It is used to protect the wall from grease, food splatters and any mess that may be created while preparing food or cleaning. Installing a new splashback is a great way to redecorate and old kitchen and liven up the entire space. While buying these panels, there are certain things that must be taken into consideration:

Your budget. If you are looking to just add more life to the kitchen then you can make do with cheaper options. Also keep in mind that it also adds to the cost while cutting and installing new material. 

Different materials can add different visual appeals to your kitchen. Stone work best with stone and gives a uniform look. Glass is a popular choice that gives an open vibe and is also easy to clean. Go here  for more information about kitchen facelift. 

Make sure you know about the fitting requirements for the material of your choosing as well as its fire safety. If you want to install in behind a stove then you need to set a minimum distance that will be different from that between an oven. If you install it too close then the back may warp or heat.

It should be easy to clean. Most materials can be easily wiped sown using a damp cloth but others require specific cleaning products. Tiles have grout that is prone to a lot pf dirt getting stuck in it which can be problematic to clean. The installer will also give you information about the cleaning process.

Make sure you know about the warranty before making a decision. Some products have a long warranty of 7-10 years while others have a lifetime warranty.

There are many materials available on the market for splashbacks. You can choose the one you like and may even customize it if the material allows. Tiles are the most common material and have a variety of colours, textures and shapes. You can also make a combination pattern by using different types of tiles to create a unique look. Glass is a very popular choice as it a very hygienic option. There is plain glass, painted glass and even textured glass available; but it can be a bit costly to install because of its cutting. Stainless steel is a modern choice for your kitchen but shows smudges and watermarks very easily. Mirror can create a look of spaciousness in your kitchen but cannot stand up to moisture as well as glass can. There is also the traditional option of continuing the material of your benchtop onto your splashback. Latest technology can also be incorporated in the form of LED lights being installed behind a glass sheet which creates a funky and unique look.