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A couple of reasons are available to systematically control the total amount of sunlight entering a building. In sunny environments, higher concentrations of sunlight can result in more energy consumptions by the air conditioning devices as they will be going through higher speeds of fan to confiscate this. In colder environments, the sunlight may not enter in north facing windows. Hence, the controlling of sunlight in every season is absolutely necessary. As this can help the controlling the illumination, lighting and the temperature of the building.

There are a variety of superior designed sun controlled devices available that reduce and increase the heat gains of the interiors of the building through properly allowing the sunlight to enter the building. Because of the use of these sun controlled devices, many buildings have resulted in offering higher tolerance in their energy consumption and hence, electricity bills have reduced. Apart from creating a warm and cool environment, these devices also offer visual comfort too. Many of the devices can control the ratio between contrast and glare. So an increased productivity in offered. These shading devices include vertical and horizontal outdoor privacy screens Brisbane. So you can easily differentiate between two buildings because of these facades, so more interest in the design is observed.

During the summer season, shading of the external windows can be used to prevent the warm sunlight to enter the air-conditioned room or lobby of the building. These shading can be provided by drawings and some building elements such as overhands. Natural landscapes could also be employed. Reflectors on the other hands, bounce the sunlight during the day into the areas where light is not properly available, just like heliostats.

The overall design which the process will be using will be implemented by taking a visual at the solar orientation and the location of a particular building. Sun always faces the south but never faces the north. So the building which confront the North Pole will always be dimmed by sunlight. In the summer season, they are at the advantage. But in the winter, they would be needing the warmth from the south poles. So the south-facing windows can reflect the light and bounce it back to the northern through mirrors. Visit for aluminium facades.

Trees are the natural features to look forward when avoiding sunlight during the summers. Light selves are the reflecting surfaces and glass is the low shading material and can be covered with blinds in summers and opened in winter.

For small buildings that are commercial in nature, overhangs are the best options. The best length of these overhands would be equal to the length of the window. But keeping the cooling and heating in mind, these sizes can be changed accordingly. Humidity is also a major factor that should be forgotten.

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